There are over 900 realtors in the Traverse City area alone, but not all of them are enthusiastic about the home buying and selling process.  Real Estate is a relational business which it should be. So, if you have a friend or relative in “the business,” talk to them because trust goes a long way.  But once you decide, here are five things your enthusiastic Traverse City realtor should do for you to get your property sold! (By the way, check out the end of this post to see the questions you should ask before you hire a realtor)

1. Create a “Goals” plan with you! (timeline, needs, wants)

Life can be big, messy, and crazy! Selling a home is only one part of life, even when you are selling. You have to consider the big picture items like, where are you moving too, when do you need to move, are you upgrading, leaving the area, or moving for work? These and many other components are items you should consider when selling a house. The first thing an enthusiastic Traverse City Realtor should do is sit down and learn why, when, and how to manage the sale of your home.  Being ready to show your house all the time can be tough so your life schedule needs to be considered, identified, and managed between you and your enthusiastic Traverse City realtor.

2. Create and set your pricing strategies (you should have at least 3)

There are several ways to price your house.  It all depends on how quickly you need to sell and what your financial goals are.  Remember, the process of determining the market value of your property is a standard process used by almost all realtors. The enthusiastic Traverse City Realtor will start with the standard evaluation, consider your goals identified in step one, discuss how to price, and then create the pricing strategies.  

3. Review the marketing plan with you (This is a differentiator, here is mine)

As mentioned above, all realtors have access to the same data and typically use the same process to get a standard generalized value of your home. So what makes the enthusiastic Traverse City Realtor different?  It’s the marketing plan. The realtor will need to share how they plan to market your property. A marketing strategy needs to include the following; MLS Listing and site replication, publishing on broker website, blog/vlog entry on realtor’s website, social media to include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, professional photos, drone video, three-dimensional virtual tours, and walk through videos to start.

4. Many of my sales are due to my Open Houses! LOTS OF OPEN HOUSES!

One of the most important aspects to marketing your property is open houses.  Your realtor should do at least 2 per month, if not more.  Even if the realtor is busy, they have ways to get the open house done.  Recently, a majority of my sales have come from open house attendees.  And, ironically enough, a majority of my open house attendees have come because they saw one of my other marketing techniques. So, the open house, in northwest Michigan seems to be the winning component, at the moment.

5. Create a standard communications plan with rules. (Make sure they bring you every offer made!) 

Finally, you and your realtor should agree upon a standard communication plan.  A communication plan states when the realtor will check in, why the realtor will contact the client outside of the standard call schedule, and if there are any standard responses to buyers making an offer. All offers should be communicated to the client regardless of relevancy. However, you might want the realtor to decline offers under a certain amount or with contingencies, or without financing. Part of communication is knowing your options and how you want these items reported to you. 

Some realtors might think this is overkill, ridiculous, impossible, or not necessary.  But it also might give you a glimpse of how important you, the sale of your home, and the achievement of your goals are to your realtor.  Again, I understand that most people know a realtor somehow.  But please be sure to ask these questions to make sure your realtor is an enthusiastic Traverse City Realtor like me. 


  1. How do you approach the sale of my home?
  2. How would you price my home and how did you get to that price?
  3. What will you do to market my home?
  4. How many followers do you have on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook?
  5. What is your view of open houses?
  6. How and when will I hear from you?

 If you don’t get the answers you like, call me, and we can come up with a plan.