Smooch the Pooch booth at the clinic. Yes, that is a Valentine’s sweater!

Many of you know we rescued a Cavapoo (a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle mix) last April. She has been such a blessing in so many ways! It took a bit of time to get our routine together. She was not potty trained, had suffered some sort of abuse, and been malnourished. My heart broke for her, but her spirit and natural love for people beamed from her. She truly is the essence joy as Tula Takes on the Vet!

From day one this little gal took over our house, our Aussies, and our hearts

Many clients ask for recommendations. So here is my vet recommendation, @VCACherryBendAnimalHospital. We love them. Particularly, Dr. Hershey! We started going there years before we even lived here!

Special Thanks to Kristen and Dr. Hershey for the amazing care of Tula!

We took her in after we got her for her spay and some follow-up shots. We did buy the Care Club as we knew we would have some expenses this first year. What a blessing in disguise! Tula had been malnourished, therefore, her nail beds did not grow in properly. She broke six toenails in the first four months we had her. While this is not life-threatening, she did need medical attention, pain medicine, and antibiotics. My poor sweet girl pushed through each one.



Well worth the initial fee for us!

As we continue on this journey together, Tula continues to get stronger. She, with vet approval, runs with Leland and I and loves it. She has to be side by side with Leland.

 Four miles – way to go Tula and Leland!

Our little rescue is truly a wonder dog!

On a side note, the vet clinic does do kenneling! TJ Maxx in Traverse City has fabulous sweaters and dog accessories. Meijer’s in Traverse City had really warm coats for the pups as well. So, there are my recommendations for this adventure.

More to come …

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