The ESM Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Package
Introducing the ESM Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Package which includes more than ten pictures, an MLS listing, and an item in the newspaper. A disruptive approach to the real estate business, research indicates that over 50% of home shopping starts online. Why not increase your reach with a virtual tour? The response has been extraordinary, over 75% of open house attendees have seen the VR tours and attended one of the open houses as a direct result. Erica spent over 25 years teaching marketing and a lifetime in property management. Paired with her knowledge and access to new technology, she will provide traditional techniques, that other realtors use, as well as new technologies and marketing practices to get more eyes on your property. Traverse City Michigan has over 900 active realtors. Real Estate is an industry that seems to always be in demand, and there are several ways to approach this business. On the one hand, realtors spend decades building their network and brand awareness to get listings and buyers. On the other, realtors do open houses to gain access to potential clients and eventually get listings. But the art of the listing has taken a back seat in today’s real estate trends. How many times have you looked at the pictures of homes on Zillow or Realtor.com only to visit the property to your disappointment? How often do you see properties with bad or blurry pictures that seem to be the result of a flip phone? How many open houses are done and how is your listing agent marketing your property?

The Traditional Approach

Any real estate marketing package must include all forms of traditional marketing.

The Perfect Listing

Understanding that the online industry requires specific attributes to gain attention, Erica uses professional photos, the correct keywords, and proven and accurate details to get your listing noticed on all of the essential sites and publications.

Open Houses

– There are many moving parts in real estate requiring orchestration when marketing listings for clients. Open houses are one of them. Making your home accessible to buyers is key to a successful transaction.

Professional Photos

– Erica has discovered a need for photos that represent the property you are trying to sell. In her ESM Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Package, she provides proffessionaly taken photos that are magazine worthy!

“Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and do some brainstorming. What’s on their minds? What scares them about buying or selling a house? What are their worries? What do they doubt?” – Tom Ferry

The Non-Traditional Approach

Drone Videos and Photos  Erica has partnered with a company to provide drone videos and photos of your property creating a unique perspective in this package.

Walk Through Videos – As part of the ESM Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Package, Erica does a smooth walk through of the property in a typical buyer progression to offer another type of view.  Each property will have a walk through produced for multiple uses.
Listing Videos – One of our most popular features is the listing video which is a produced presentation of your home. A professionally produced video with narration, music, and creative views of your home, these videos are entertaining and informative.
Social Media – Erica’s Social Media presence is quickly growing as she adds followers daily. Utilizing best practices, Erica works every day to grow her reach which only benefits her clients.
Going the extra mile– Erica’s access and familiarity with marketing trends and technology have positioned her to provide more access to your property than any other realtor. With her new 3D Virtual Tours, potential buyers gain an accurate representation of your property remotely or locally.
the only reason I am here is because I saw the 3D virtual tour and great pictures on the listing