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My Thanksgiving week started with my in-laws flying in on Monday and wires still hanging from the ceiling!  A little anxiety, however, tenacity rules and I cleaned around the mess.  Hurdle one, the brand new down draft did not work.  Apparently, Kitchen Aide has had this issue with these for over two years! Who knew?  A lot of people, but this never appeared in the reviews?  At any rate, Timmy at Best Buy in Traverse City was amazing, as always, and had a new one here by Wednesday.  Jason from Advanced Plumbing Systems and our Mitch, from Distinct Electric made a special trip to install!  I could not be more grateful! I had a working cook top with down draft and double oven!

We do have a few hiccups, however, it can all be fixed.  The cut-out for our microwave is too big, so the system is not installed.  The cabinet will have to be reinforced so the system can be attached to something.  Bummer! The oven has the same problem, but only with one lower screw so the system is secure and operational. Thank goodness!  We used both ovens continuously this last week with all of our house guest!

The next hiccup I the side panel of the fridge.  The area that was left is not large enough to install the light switch.  So, this will need to be retrofitted? Not sure how this will play out.

The granite guys had a really tight fit on most of the pieces and my cabinets took a bit of a beating.  The next obstacle was the bar, the metal reinforcements had to be ordered three times.  They had to be moved, three times, and finally we have a bar!  The Traverse City foreman of Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, Mark, is wonderful.  He is also a builder, so, I feel, that this helped a lot in seeing the big picture. He is used to the chaos of projects and the imperfections that no one sees at the end of the project.  He was able to assure the upset homeowner (me 😊) that this “can be fixed.”  I think everyone needs to hear this in the mist of chaos and problems!  Renovations are not for the weak of heart!

The process of installation for the granite is amazing.  I caution you to really listen and ask questions if you are using contractors that do not normally work together.

Lots of little fixes still need to be done, while you, the homeowner, sees every scratch, every flaw, every mistake as they are going in.  They can be fixed!

Again, renovations are tough, I can not say that I have enjoyed this process, at times, cried! However, the final product is really beautiful.  Next week we begin the “fixes.”  I needed a break.

The final step! We have a friend that is an appraiser in town.  He and his lovely wife will be coming over for dinner and he has offered to give me an assessment of ROI on this investment. Stay tuned for these results.  Also, I will be compiling a list of items that I feel will help navigate this process should you choose to take this on!   Let me know if you have any questions!  More pictures to come as well!