The last two large cabinets are in! I have to decide how the pull-outs will be situated! Double oven cabinet is in and ready for hard wire!  So many moving parts, so many decisions, and much patients needed to understand which contractor needs to come in next.

Grateful for the mega sized toaster oven I am borrowing from my folks, opens up the possibilities for dinner!  Also, I am grateful for the make-shift kitchen area in my laundry room.  If you are undertaking this adventure, have a plan for this, and know it is only temporary! I cook meals at my folks, and we warm-up here.  I have never used paper plates for daily use, but I am so allowing this now.  The sink in laundry room can only handle so much!

I am also happy we moved the cabinets out to the garage, this allows some amount of counter space for prepping.  Although with our weather the garage is now covered in saw dust!  This too shall pass…