Let’s talk granite!  We shopped around, as any consumer would.   We did some online research, see below for my favorite consumer information.  I love the advice from the vendor.  Straight forward and useful! Amen!

We talked to five different suppliers and received four quotes, one never got back with us.  Huh??? The range of prices gave almost a $4000-dollar difference.  Wow!  So, where to begin.  We knew the look we wanted and we knew that we wanted the back splash to be done.  We also knew that the way it was installed was really important to us.  We really wanted the veins to flow smoothly and we wanted to limit the seams.  We chose Bedrock Kitchen and Bath: http://bit.ly/Bedrockkitchenandbath.

Their showroom in Traverse is a small but packed and ultimately, they found our slabs at their downstate location.  Gordon Parmenter was wonderful to work with. After research, see below, he broke down the cost process (check), covered the installation and design process (check), and advised us we would walk through the slab cuts together (check).   They do not charge for each outlet cut as well.  This may sound odd, but it can get expensive! We did choose the 15-year seal package which is an upgraded charge, $395, but, I cook a lot, and we really use the space.  I see it as the Scotch Guard on the white carpet! Sold…  Finally, we had an interesting conversation about commercial grade vs. residential.  As I work with commercial and residential real estate I got a kick out of this conversation.

Next step, deposit, half down, and agreement signed.

So, flooring, they ripped-up the carpet yesterday and the warped wood.  Finally, they broke up the flooring to seam it.  Raw wood is in!  The wood has a earthy smell right now, a little funky, but kind of cool.

On a real-life-living-with-remodel-level… Cooking pasta in the microwave! An interesting treat… My dogs have been sequestered to the basement and our upstairs now.  They are a little boggled by this.  Extra walks and snuggles are needed.

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