November is here and so the holiday season is in full swing.  Now is a good time to begin the clean out.  As you pull out those holiday decorations, and happenstance, go through the rest of your storage and clean it out!  Take those coat and jeans from the 80’s and recycle or reclaim your investment.  In Traverse City Once Upon a Child ( ) takes items all year and turns them into cash!  How easy is that, they will even tell what items may be taken at Plato’s Closet, ) again for cash!  The entire family is covered with these two shops.

Of course, there is always a need and tax incentive to donate to Goodwill! They are very active in Northern Michigan!

Finally, for the gently used household items that can be recycled and reused, Habitat for Humanity will take them and repurpose them.  And, guess what, we have a Restore right here in Traverse City:

Hopefully your pepped up and ready to clean house!  On a feel good note, cleaning out the cutter allows you to clean out your soul, so go and grab the broom, donate, or recycle. Get after it!